Why Do Future Business Leaders Need an Entrepreneurship Certificate?

We live in an increasingly changing business environment, one that requires more of business professionals than in past years. Gone are the good old days of a forty plus year career, the solid gold watch at retirement, and resumes depicting an over specified skill set. The future of business lies in the magic of entrepreneurship, the art of creative problem solving, solution-eering, if you will. And future business leaders are being asked not to just be worker bees, but to be self-starters, big thinkers and doers. In short, they are being asked to think and do in an entrepreneurial fashion, and ultimately, to provide solutions to a wide array of problems, business and otherwise. This demand has outgrown our traditional manner of training future business leaders on how to succeed in the world of business. We now exist in the age of entrepreneurship; and the entrepreneurship certificate has become almost a necessity for those who wish to get ahead.

Some are unprepared for these young professional coming onto the scene. They are replacing the small-thinkers and becoming important assets to innovations made on the business side as well as social change. Entrepreneurship continues to prove an effective strategy in problem solving. It helps to build wealth while creating change in every area is touches. And more and more, future business leaders are seeking to build these important skill sets by earning an entrepreneurship certificate as part of their education plan.

These entrepreneurial skill sets can be applied in a wide range of settings, whether it be through business start up, traditional corporate employment, or a more socially minded venture; and employers are now looking for those who have the talent to think on a completely different level. Those looking to clock in at 9 and clock out at 5 are becoming far less appealing. Entrepreneurship programs give students the chance to develop a set of skills that will encompass a traditional business mindset as well as focusing on using their own strengths to create innovative answers. The result of these programs is a new generation of business professionals who can identify complex problems, maximize available resources, and continually seek out new challenges in designing solutions to problems big and small. New hires no longer start at an entry level, but are expected to be team members capable of filling several functions.

With a fluctuating economy and increased globalization, we will always require an ever-changing approach to solving problems, seeking new opportunities, and preparing to face new challenges in both the business world and our society as a whole. When students choose to pursue an entrepreneurship certificate, they are positioning themselves to take advantage of a professional movement that will only continue to build momentum. Opportunity is abundant for these entrepreneurial individuals who choose to think and act in new and more dynamic ways.