Topics Covered By A Power Yoga Instructor Certification Program

An increasing number of people are turning to yoga in order to achieve inner peace and healing, as well as health and strength. As a result, there is a much greater demand for power yoga instructor than there has ever been before. There are many different certification programs for yoga, most of them covering the same critical concepts that will allow a yoga instructor to succeed.

Study of Postures

This seems obvious, but a yoga teacher must have a thorough understanding of the postures and what they should look like from a third party view. Many budding yoga instructors will know what a posture is supposed to feel like and look like when it is actually being done, but will not know what they look like from an outsider’s perspective. A power yoga certification course will provide that knowledge, allowing an instructor to correct postures and make sure that students are in safe positions. The Sanskrit names of the postures will also be taught and practiced.

Fundamentals and Advanced Assisting Techniques

Assisting is the art of helping students move into the correct form of a position. There is the potential to do this incorrectly and accidentally hurt a student, so it is critical that assisting is practiced.

Class Design and Posture Flow

One of the main components of the class is its design. Most power yoga classes will consist of a series of postures that flow from one to the other without too much pause, in order to build up a student’s strength and endurance. It is critical that the postures are able to flow into one another easily, without a lot of awkwardness that could disrupt a student’s concentration. Power yoga certification courses should be able to provide example classes and lists of postures that go well with one another.

Different Ways to Modify Postures

Not everyone will be able to do every posture. Some people will have physical disabilities or weaknesses that will prevent them from either holding the original posture or getting into the posture at all. It is important that they are provided with posture modifications that will still allow them to get the full effects of the posture, but not be in pain.

Breathing Methods

The Pranayama and Ujayi breathing methods, as well as other exercises to encourage students to improve their breathing, should be covered. The breath is one of the critical parts of a yoga practice and needs to be developed during every step of a student’s practice.

Yoga Instructor Culture

There are many different aspects that need to be addressed with regards to yoga instructor culture, including the ethics of a yoga instructor, the yoga lifestyle, and methods that can be used to inspire students. A yoga studio is also a business, so it is important for the basics of entrepreneurship and running a small business to be covered by a yoga instructor certification program.

After the requisite topics and class hours have been achieved, as well as time spent teaching a class and being observed, a yoga instructor will have all of the knowledge that he or she needs to start his or her own yoga studio or join an existing studio. From there, the yoga instructor will be able to improve the lives of many.